Amaal Shares New Song ‘Heaven’

Amaal Shares New Song ‘Heaven’

Amaal Shares New Song ‘Heaven’

Amaal has received free admission to “Heaven” on her new song, produced by Nicky Davey. 

Over an invitingly seductive production, the promising singer wants to enter eternal and sexual bliss with her partner as they both reach the climax. 

“Take your hand, touch me there / Don’t be shy, don’t be scared / Feels like home when you’re deep inside,” she sings softly. 

“Heaven” is the second song released from Amaal this year. She previously shared “Honey,” the sweet song and first single from her upcoming EP Milly, out October 28. The set marks her first compilation of music since 2019’s Black Dove

Listen to Amaal’s new song “Heaven” below.

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