Brian Setzer: Gotta Have The Rumble interview

Brian Setzer: Gotta Have The Rumble interview

Since reigniting mainstream interest in rockabilly as the generously bequiffed, Gretsch guitar-toting frontman with the Stray Cats, Brian Setzer has played alongside Bob Dylan and Robert Plant (in The Honeydrippers), made a cameo appearance as Eddie Cochran in La Bamba, and been the first guitarist (with his 17-piece Brian Setzer Orchestra) to give his name to a full-on swing and jump-blues big band while racking up multiple Grammys along the way. 

Prior to arriving on the late-70s NYC scene – first with new-wave art-rockers the Bloodless Pharoahs, then the (soon to be Stray) Tom Cats – Setzer had cut his musical teeth on an instrument not generally associated with rock’n’roll.


Did you choose the euphonium, or did the euphonium choose you? 

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