Every Cradle Of Filth album ranked from worst to best

Every Cradle Of Filth album ranked from worst to best

East Anglia’s greatest shot at metal glory, Cradle Of Filth have been entertaining – and infuriating – us for 30 years now, and modern extreme metal would be a very different place without the prolific presence of Dani’s vampire circus. In Dani Filth they have one of metal’s most visionary frontmen, deftly weaving the darkest stories with wicked humour and florid ingenuity, belting them out in a demonic array of vocal spasms.

With just about the most distinctive aesthetic identity of any band of their era, it’s inevitable that such a forcefully eccentric entity has attracted as much hate as love over the decades. But there is plenty to love on all these albums – and only full-length studio releases are eligible, no EPs (sorry, Vempire lovers) – altogether representing a phenomenal, singular and assured body of work. So settle back on your catafalque for a moonlit flit through Cradle’s unlucky 13…

Metal Hammer line break

13. Thornography (Roadrunner, 2006)

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