Freddie Gibbs To Make An R&B Album After His Next Project

Freddie Gibbs To Make An R&B Album After His Next Project

The last few years have found Freddie Gibbs become a successful rapper, from 2014’s Piñata and 2019’s Bandana with Madlib, as well as 2020’s Alfredo. Alas, he’s grown tired of rap, and in a recent interview with Revolt, he shared what he wants to do next.

“This might be one of my last rap albums,” Gibbs said in regards to his upcoming album, SSS. “I ain’t gotta rap no more, man. After SSS, I’ma show y’all … I’m ’bout to bust out with an R&B album. R&B is what I started out doing before all the rap sh*t. Now, all you n****s just wanna make me rap all day, and I don’t wanna rap.” He added, “I wanna go back to my roots. I tried to get signed as an R&B singer in 2004, but every label in the world denied me. So, I had to do rap to get in the door.”

“I tricked y’all n****s into thinking I was a rapper,” he continued. “And I learned to rap so good — better than everybody else, it’s crazy. So now, I’m ’bout to come back to this R&B. And all the n****s that didn’t wanna do no songs with me, like Miguel and all them n****s, they’re gonna be like, ‘What’s up, Gibbs?’ And I’m ’bout to be king of this sh*t.”

This comes after he shared a pair tweets conveying similar ideas towards the end of last month. You can check out his full interview with Revolt here.

Freddie Gibbs is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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