Saturday, November 27, 2021

“Imitation Is A Form Of Flattery”

“Imitation Is A Form Of Flattery”

Fake Drake has been popping up all over Miami and people have been sharing videos of the imposter making the nightclub rounds.

His music videos have been parodied for decades and people have taken to stages worldwide impersonating Sisqo, but the singer advises other artists to take it all in stride. We have been reporting on the Fake Drake that has been storming Miami, popping up in clubs with his heart-shaped haircut mirroring the real Drizzy’s Certified Lover Boy style. 

Surprisingly, there have been people who have believed this Drake 2.0, but most others spotted the fraudster a mile away—including nightclub security guards who didn’t fall for his seemingly harmless scam. 

A TMZ cameraperson happened to run into Sisqo while out and about in New York City and asked the singer if he had any advice for the real Drake on how to handle a situation such as this.

“To real Drake? Well, he’s a Scorpio and Dru Hill is sampled on his new album,” said Sisqo. “So, I wish you all the best and when you find out who it is, man, don’t sue ’em.” The cameraperson reminded Sisqo that he once sued someone pretending to him as he enjoyed all of the perks that go along with being a celebrity at New York Fashion Week back in 2017. Sisqo clarified that situation. 

“Turns out, the guy was from Baltimore, I’m from Baltimore and it was just a young kid tryin’ to get over on my good looks,” he continued. “[Imitation] is a form of flattery.” Watch Sisqo below.

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