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Kelly Rowland Was Confused After Her Interaction With Jay-Z Went Viral

Kelly Rowland Was Confused After Her Interaction With Jay-Z Went Viral

Their heartwarming exchange resulted in Jay-Z once again becoming a meme, and Rowland briefly spoke about it while on IG Live.

A brief interaction took the world by storm, and while Kelly Rowland doesn’t think much of her recent viral moment with Jay-Z, the public is still eating it up. The pair both attended the premiere of The Harder They Fall and camera crews, as well as guests, were documenting every moment. Jay-Z and Seal were said to have treated attendees to a 90-minute jam session, and while that would be incredible to witness, a quick interaction between Jay and Kelly Rowland stole attention.

In the viral video, Hov is seen making his way into the party when he turns around and realizes that Rowland is behind him. Some reports state that she had been calling his name to get his attention and he was filmed as he realized it was Kelly the whole time.

Kelly Rowland
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He was happily surprised to see his sister-in-law, as Beyoncé and Kelly have maintained their sisterhood since they were small children. Fans reposted the video with remarks about the rapper’s expression and soon, a new meme was born out of the wholesome exchange.

Later, Rowland was on Instagram Live where she chatted with fans while she was putting on her makeup. One person wanted her to speak about the premiere moment and Rowland was surprised that everyone thought it was such a big deal.

“You know, some things I will never understand,” said the singer. “Like, I see my big bro all the time. But I guess you guys never see what we see. I don’t know.” Swipe below for Rowland’s brief reaction and to watch Jay-Z’s viral moment.

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