Kenny Chesney Refuses To Tour During The Fall Because He Doesn’t Want To Compete With SEC Football

Kenny Chesney Refuses To Tour During The Fall Because He Doesn’t Want To Compete With SEC Football

Is there any better season than college football season?

At least here in the south, Saturdays are basically holidays during the fall.

And SEC football fans are definitely a different breed. They’ll plan weddings, funerals, hell, even the births of their children around football games.


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In the fall, there’s nothing more important than college football, especially for SEC fans like Kenny Chesney.

The Knoxville native, who played high school football himself, recently went on The Paul Finebaum Show to discuss his love of the sport – and more specifically, his Tennessee Volunteers.

“I remember me and my grandfather sitting on his front porch listening to Tennessee football, and that was something that we did…

Where we grew up, we didn’t have a pro allegiance to anyone. It was all Tennessee football and Tennessee sports, and that’s all we had. And when you grow up in a town that leans on its sports programs like I did it’s really special.”

Kenny also decided early on in his career that he wouldn’t be touring in the fall.

Why? Well, college football of course.

“We always end our tour right before football season because I refuse to work in football season for two reasons:

I want to watch the games, and I don’t want to compete with SEC football. There’s no way I’m gonna do it.

So we always end at the end of August and then we always go on vacation for a week, and then I tell everybody I’ll see them in the spring when we start back.”

Kenny also recently served as an executive producer for “More Than A Voice,” an SEC Storied documentary about legendary college football radio announcers, including Tennessee football’s John Ward.

So if you’re looking for Kenny Chesney in the fall, you might find him in the stadium but it won’t be on a stage. Because he’s got football to watch.

Sounds like Kenny’s got his priorities straight.

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