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Lala Kent Incites Randall Emmett Breakup Rumors

Lala Kent Incites Randall Emmett Breakup Rumors

Fans are speculating that the “Vanderpump Rules” star broke up with her fiancée after removing him from her Instagram and alluding to his infidelity.

Social media might exist in an “unreal” place, but the way one moves on these platforms can still bleed over into real life.

Over the weekend, model and reality star Lala Kent removed her fiancé, The Irishman producer Randall Emmett, from Instagram, archiving and deleting all of their pictures, and liking a post alleging that he had cheated on her. Just recently, pictures of Emmett with two women went viral on Instagram and Twitter, and the ensuing drama seems to have culminated to this point (See the photos below). 

While this is not the first time Kent has removed Emmett from her Instagram, the Vanderpump Rules star has admitted that doing so is habitual for her, especially when he makes her angry. “I’m petty af. It will happen again and again until I grow out of it & it’s the most petty thing I do. I’m okay with it,” she said on her Instagram story after archiving their photos last year. Kent reportedly did the same when they broke up after their public dispute with 50 Cent back in 2019

According to fans, this time seems like the last straw. A few days ago, Kent posted a video on her Instagram story of her and two assistants wheeling luggage and her baby Ocean out of a hotel, set to the tune of “Sorry” by Beyoncé

“Now you want to say you’re sorry/Now you want to call me crying,” Beyoncé sings in the audio clip Kent chose for the video. “Now you gotta see me wilding/Now I’m the one that’s lying/And I don’t feel bad about it/It’s exactly what you get.” 

Shortly afterward, Lala posted a video of her and her baby, celebrating Ocean’s 7-month anniversary as a newborn. “It’s you and me, baby,” the caption reads. See the post below. 


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