Neff Nuffsed – ‘Different Type of Respect’ – Essentially Pop

Neff Nuffsed – ‘Different Type of Respect’ – Essentially Pop

Neff Nuffsed, in his latest single, ‘Different Type of Respect’, uses his hard hitting lyrics to speak about the struggle of chasing your dreams, setting it against a smooth R&B track.

We’ve featured the North Virginia rapper with a very cool name before, back in November last year, and we’ve been eagerly waiting his return ever since. The music video for ‘Different Type Of Respect’ sees Neff and his crew beside the pool, chilling while enjoying cigars and expensive drinks.

The lyrics are very relatable, as they talk about how everybody wants the easy way out to success but that you need to be truly willing to work to make it to the top, and that the difference will become apparent with time – while others are busy chasing temporary fame, Neff is building his legacy. The video ends with heart-warming pictures of his two grandmothers, both of whom have since passed away. We see one reacting to having seen Neff on TV for the first time, and the other doing what she loved most of all, baking.

Set in Neff Nuffsed’s home, we are reminded that if we work hard, plan accordingly, and stay focused in life, we can be truly successful at the things that matter most. It’s a beautiful look into how hard Neff Nuffsed has been working to make his dreams into a reality, and ‘Different Type Of Respect’ serves as a motivational track to stay focused on your goals.

Watch the video for ‘Different Type Of Respect’ below and check out Neff Nuffsed’s Instagram for more about this up and coming artist and his music.

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