Nija Releases New Song ‘Finesse’

Nija Releases New Song ‘Finesse’

Nija Releases New Song ‘Finesse’

Nija has brought in her birthday month with a new song called “Finesse,” produced by BREGMA and Jack Rochon

The pared-down track finds Nija falling victim to her ex’s toxic cycle of recreating old feelings after she calls it quits. Naturally, she isn’t impressed at the slightest, knowing that it’s all a part of his tactic to control her life. 

“You got bad intentions, baby, I could tell (Ooh, ooh) / You don’t like seein’ me with nobody else, ah-ah / So I never, let you f*** my head up, no, no, no / ‘Cause I know it’s just finesse (Oh, oh, oh), finesse,” she sings. 

“Finesse” is another appetizer from Nija’s forthcoming fall release. In August, she unleashed “Ease My Mind (Come Over),” her debut single, along with the song’s Child-directed music video. 

Stream Nija’s new song “Finesse” below. Watch the accompanying video, as well.

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