RaeLynn Says Being New Mother Is ‘Beautiful, Growing Thing’ Sounds Like Nashville

RaeLynn Says Being New Mother Is ‘Beautiful, Growing Thing’ Sounds Like Nashville

RaeLynn and her husband Josh Davis welcomed their first child, a daughter named Daisy, nearly three weeks ago on September 8th. Since then, the singer has been busy jumping into motherhood, which she says is going well. RaeLynn shared with Sounds Like Nashville that she’s particularly been relating to TikTok videos about the tough but rewarding job of being a new mother. 

“I love TikTok, I gotta get better about not watching TikTok, but the TikTok where it’s like, ‘The mother behind every amazingly dressed kid is a ratchet mother,’ that has been me for the last two weeks,” said RaeLynn. “Daisy always looks great, smells great. I have taken a shower every day, which is a plus. Josh gives me my time to go take a shower, which I’m very grateful for. But Daisy always has a bow on, she’s always super cute, and then there’s me, who, I’m lucky if my hair is not on top of my head.” 

Although RaeLynn admits she’s not always as put together as her precious baby daughter, she says she and husband Josh are absolutely in love with their new addition and enjoy watching every little thing she does. 

“It has honestly been such a beautiful, growing thing,” she says. “I think the funniest thing of being a mom is you get excited about the littlest things. Like, Daisy will spit up and you’re like ‘Yay, you got your spit up out. Hopefully you’re feeling better.’ Or like, ‘Yay, she peed! Yay she pooped!’ Those first couple of days, everything she did was amazing. It’s still amazing.”

Another wonderful part of parenthood for RaeLynn has been that Daisy is already a great sleeper and even snoozes up to seven hours per night. The singer theorizes that this may come from the fact that she played many shows while pregnant with Daisy. 

“She’s been sleeping six to seven hours and we’re like, ‘Where did this baby come from?’ Thank you, Jesus. We love you so much for so much sleep,” says the singer. 

“It’s pretty incredible,” RaeLynn adds. “Our dogs will start barking and some babies will wake up. You have to be quiet around them. Daisy is always conked out and I’m like, ‘It’s because she was in my belly onstage for nine months.’ Loud noises do not bother her or things just randomly happening, which is really awesome.” 

RaeLynn has been sharing many photos of Daisy since the new addition to their family arrived. On September 27th, she shared humorous photos of Daisy sleeping on a tiny chair, dressed in a robe with a towel wrapped around her head and a little bowl of cheerios next to her. RaeLynn captioned the photo with lyrics from “Lonely Call”: “Just a Monday / Thrift shop couch  / Bowl of Cheerios  / It’s getting dark out.” 

The singer also posted a sweet slideshow with photos of Daisy in honor or National Daughter’s Day. 

“Happy #nationaldaughtersday to my Daisy!” she wrote. “These 17 days have been pure magic all because of you. You are every prayer answered and then some. We love you so much.”

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