Remember When Sugarland Were a Trio?

Remember When Sugarland Were a Trio?

Remember When Sugarland Were a Trio?

One of the larger mysteries of the final a number of many years of nation music is why Kristen Hall left Sugarland when the then-trio gave the impression to be on the point of superstardom.

The group confirmed up for a stay look on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno minus one member on Jan. 12, 2006, and inside days an announcement got here with little fanfare, a easy assertion that Hall had break up with Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush as a result of “she needs to remain residence and write songs.” Since then, rumors have unfold that Hall was pressured out for picture causes, or that the co-writer of most of the group’s early hits was paid to go away the band.

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If any of that’s true, nobody from the band has ever commented on it. Hall filed a lawsuit on Aug. 8, 2008, asking for tens of millions of {dollars} from her former bandmates, however she has principally disappeared since then. She did launch a six-song EP referred to as Katy the Wonder Cub in 2008, however hasn’t loved celebrating the various awards and accolades her former bandmates have gathered.

In 2010, the lawsuit was settled. The phrases had been, in fact, undisclosed, although some testimony that surfaced in a transcript revealed simply how a lot antipathy there was between Hall and Nettles. Those paperwork additionally claimed that Hall had left the group because of the immense stress of Sugarland’s touring schedule, putting a take care of her former companions to share earnings together with her that she claimed they reneged on. Perhaps someday somebody will write a tell-all, however it appears unlikely. Until then, Kristen Hall leaving Sugarland will stay one in every of nation music’s most uncommon and speculated-about episodes.

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