Song Review: ATEEZ – Eternal Sunshine

Song Review: ATEEZ – Eternal Sunshine

ATEEZ - Eternal SunshineIn the latest battle between ATEEZ title tracks, my vote went to Eternal Sunshine. But without hearing the entire song, I wasn’t all that confident about my choice. Then, the album came out and the contrast became even more clear. Eternal Sunshine runs laps around Deja Vu.

I hear the skeptical fans already: “NickTheBiasList, you only like bright concepts. Of course you voted for this one!

While it’s true that I consider bright concepts more musically diverse in our current generation of K-pop, brightness alone doesn’t make Eternal Sunshine the stronger song. There’s just more going on here. Rather than vamp off one idea, Sunshine pulls more tricks from its bag. We’ve got two nice synth lines – one that runs throughout the verses and another that acts as a post-chorus drop. Each brings a new dimension to the track.

The melody is also more varied, attacking different levels of energy in different segments. The chorus is very strong, pulsing forward in a perfect blend of breezy and intense. There’s some great little turns here, particularly when the song dips down only to burst forth once more. The vocals and rap are integrated well, playing off one another without ever losing momentum. Eternal Sunshine builds toward a fun chant-along breakdown, adding yet another distinct element to the track. There’s even room for some of those resounding power notes that have always been an ATEEZ calling card. This really should’ve been released to kick off the summer season, but I’m glad we’re getting it at all!

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9

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