Song Review: Blitzers – Will Make A Mistake

Song Review: Blitzers – Will Make A Mistake

Blitzers - Will Make A MistakeBoy group Blitzers burst onto the scene this spring with a promising rap-rock sound. This genre blend is a tried-and-true formula for success, dating all the way back to Run DMC and Aerosmith’s 80’s encounter. It’s a niche that Blitzers would do well to maintain. No other idol group is consistently exploring it. But if new single Will Make A Mistake (실수 좀 할게) is any indication, there are still some kinks to work out.

If I could make a strategic investment in one area of K-pop, it would be to recruit excellent topliners/melodicists. This era of K-pop songwriting seems content to rely on chants and vaguely melodic exclamations, overstuffing its songs with hyped-up sounds that feel exciting in the moment but hold no lasting appeal. That sums up Blitzers’ Will Make A Mistake. If we were to strip away all its guitar-fueled bluster, it’s not much of a song at all. Sure, the guys sing-talk their way through a convincing verse, but by the time we approach the derivative “na na na” chorus, it becomes clear just how empty this track is.

This leaves the heavy lifting to Mistake’s bombastic, rock-infused instrumental. I love the scuzzy bass and amped up guitars. The production has great swagger and energy – the perfect backdrop for a dynamic pop song. Blitzers seem game for the style, shouting and posturing with confidence. Their performance matches the instrumental’s intensity, and that’s important. But as soon as the song has finished, there’s nothing drawing me back for another listen. Those “na na na’s” and “blah blah blah’s” aren’t catchy enough to compensate for their predictability.

 Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 7
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

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