Song Review: Jo Yuri – Glassy

Song Review: Jo Yuri – Glassy

Jo Yuri - GlassyAs expected, we’re beginning to see the re-debut of former IZ*ONE members. Just like past Produce acts IOI and Wanna One, some of these artists slot into a new or existing group while others make their mark as a soloist. Neither path has guaranteed success, as post-Produce careers tend to be hit or miss. But as the third-highest vote-getter in IZ*ONE, Jo Yuri seems poised to reap a decent amount of interest from the public.

I wish I could say that debut track Glassy lived up to Yuri’s potential, but I find the track to be pretty dull. This style of vaguely retro, vaguely disco pop has enjoyed a huge resurgence this year. For me, it often feels like disco with the fun parts removed, and that’s a shame. In general, Western pop artists have fared better in this realm (Doja Cat and SZA’s addictive Kiss Me More comes immediately to mind). Too often, idol acts smooth away the edges of this style but forget to counter that blandness with a memorable hook.

Glassy’s chorus offers a breezy swoop, adding satisfying texture that matches the lightness of the instrumental. I could do without the “da da da” post-chorus hook, which feels too sing-song when placed against the smoother melodies preceding it. Yuri delivers a reserved performance, yet adds enough oomph to keep the track relatively engaging. Still, as debuts go this feels like a rather slight effort. Here’s hoping she’ll find her niche as time goes on.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

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