Song Review: Pixy – Addicted

Song Review: Pixy – Addicted

Pixy - AddictedI often write about the idea of a “signature sound,” and how important it is to rookie groups. Pixy haven’t yet released a song that’s connected with me, but I appreciate how they stick to their concept. When playing one of their tracks, you know you’re going to get something dark, moody and musically combative. Previous singles Wings and Let Me Know are a boisterous pair, and the new Addicted (중독) feels like their not-so-distant cousin – evolving their style without abandoning it. For me, this means another single that won’t be making the playlist. But, I assume the group’s fans will be pleased.

One thing Addicted does especially well is establish a creepy atmosphere. Just in time for Halloween, the track pulses with a spooky blend of synth, resounding percussion and airy backing vocals. It’s a very satisfying vibe, echoing similarly-themed efforts like Dreamcatcher’s Scream. All the ingredients are in the cauldron, ready to mix and congeal into something spectacular.

Here’s where Addicted loses me. I feel like a broken record, complaining again and again about K-pop’s wishy-washy melodies. But like the majority of new material, Addicted is sing talk, sing talk, sing talk. I so badly want to hear one hook that grabs me. Instead, we move from chant to incantation to tortured cry. The chorus comes closest to crafting a killer hook, but the melody is so fractured and repetitive. This compliments the claustrophobia of the instrumental and is probably intentional. Even so, I can’t help but imagine how awesome Addicted might sound with a chorus (or verse!) (or bridge!) that knocks me out with more than just its performance or production.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

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