VIDEO: Alligator Steals Bass And Fishing Pole From Florida Boy

VIDEO: Alligator Steals Bass And Fishing Pole From Florida Boy

A young kid in Florida was making his dad proud as he reeled in a big bass.

In the video, Sean McMahon can be heard cheering his son on as he attempts to the land the fish.

“You got it buddy. It’s all right buddy, keep going…You got it, you got it.”

Then suddenly, an alligator seemed to materialize out of nowhere to not only steal the fish but to steal the rod and reel as well.

The video reportedly took place in Palm Coast, Florida but while not many details are known beyond the fact that the fisherman in the video is McMahon’s 7-year-old son named Dawson.

Admittedly, the sight of a gator stealing a fish is a bit more startling than the footage of an eagle doing the same thing.

While the gator in the video is not all that big, it’s still large enough to be intimidating. So I can’t blame the kid at all for dropping the pole on the ground and backing away from the gator as quickly as he could.

Shoutout to the dad for being so encouraging to his son and keeping his cool as the gator shot out of the water so close to his kid. Luckily the gator appeared to be laser-focused on the fish and did not appear to be interested in acting aggressively towards the young fisherman.

Good thing the camera was rolling because this is one of those fishing stories people might not believe without the footage to back it up.

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