VIDEO: Bison Gets Its Head Stuck In Car Window

VIDEO: Bison Gets Its Head Stuck In Car Window

Tourists at a wildlife park in Quebec, Canada, and an almost 1,000-pound bison both found themselves in a startling situation earlier this month.

Leonardo Heizer filmed the scary encounter and shared his story with CTV News in Ottawa. He traveled with his family to the wildlife park and was excited to see a bison for the first since immigrating to Canada from Brazil four years ago.

“Somebody opened the window, and … the bison put the head inside the car, and I was shocked.

I was thinking somebody is going to get hurt for sure.”

Even though nobody got hurt, Heizer said the car was in bad shape after the bison broke free.

“The windshield was damaged, and the column between the front window and the windshield was damaged too.”

Reports vary on how long the bison was actually stuck in the predicament. The video footage only lasts about a minute, but the caption says the ordeal lasted 30 minutes. However, reports from Lucy Robertson, a staff member at the wildlife park, said the bison was only stuck for about 10 minutes.

“He wasn’t trapped that long so thankfully, it was just more panic rather than anything else, so he wasn’t hurt, and he managed to get himself back out, and he wasn’t hurt, so we’re very thankful for that. 

All of our safety rules have been put in place to avoid any incidents, such as what happened on Sunday, and just to ensure the safety of both animals and our visitors.”

The safety rules she referenced include prohibiting guests from opening their windows while driving through the bison enclosure, and this situation perfectly exemplifies why those rules are in place.

The park remains open, and the bison appears to be unharmed. It’s unclear if the tourists in the vehicle will be facing any fines or punishment for breaking park rules and endangering both themselves and the animal.

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