Watch “Crave” by Years & Years

Watch “Crave” by Years & Years

Watch “Crave” by Years & Years

When Olly Alexander (Years & Years) informed us that going into the next album, we were not to assume every track would be similarly disco glitter styled like the single, “Starstruck”. He wasn’t joking. Now, he’s taken over the Years & Years moniker as a solo project. I would be expecting the sound and aesthetic to diversify somewhat. When the 2018 sophomore album, “Palo Santo,” arrived. I think we were being given a forewarning that the project would eventually expand into more of a creative one. Where Olly could freely unleash his creative energy and in more of a personal way. We are seeing this coming into fruition in the new track “Crave” and its supporting video.

Utilizing a dark, melodic soundscape of soft, bass detailed sonics. The track is notably electronically hedonistic, plush and opulent. Olly says…

Crave” is a playful way of inhabiting the deranged sexual energy I’ve always wanted. In the past, I felt like I’ve been dominated by toxic relationships, and I felt like it would be fun to turn it on its head.”

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The supporting Tom Beard directed music video is built around a fantasy theme with references to the sea and forest, heavily leaned upon. It is a complete escape, somewhat strange but wonderful. Where Olly has roped in his “It’s A Sin” co-stars Omari Douglas (Roscoe Babatunde), Nathaniel J Hall (Donald Bassett) and David Carlyle (Gregory Gloria Finch) with the addition of model and activist Munroe Bergdorf. Who are cast as his intriguingly, otherworldly, forest friends. The sea witch, the evil enchantress, prince Medusa and the ruby queen.

In lyrical narrative and visual format “Crave” is an engaging story where Olly encourages us to live out our wildest fantasies.

Years & Years third album “Night Call” will via Interscope Records on January 7th, 2022 – Pre-order HERE

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