Watch “Future Starts Now” by Kim Petras

Watch “Future Starts Now” by Kim Petras

Watch “Future Starts Now” by Kim Petras

Did you all see the performance clip of Kim Petras at the VMAs pre-show as I did? I loved that she took the bubblegum princess tag to the extreme during her performance of the current single, “Future Starts Now“. And was doing so while making history as the first transgender performer at the VMAs. Her spectacular red carpet entrance alongside Paris Hilton was equally memorable as well. In ways, when wearing a black latex mask and latex stockings can only make it unforgettable. So many triumphs were made that night, but nobody else met the bar set by Kim, in my opinion.

More often, at this time of year, I have another reason to write about Kim Petras. It is because she probably loves Halloween more than Phil Marriott, Sean Vickers and (our EQ’s) Raj Rudolph of Boys On Film do. (It is too close to call anyway). Usually, at the beginning of October, Kim would be dropping off some spooky music treats in mixtape form. She has hinted “Turn Off The Light″ 3 will come one day, but not today confirming on Twitter…

So, if it is not this (mixtape 3) that Kim has been teasing online the last few days, what might the snippets be alluding to?…

I’ll quit playing the coy one, shall I?… because I am already in the know having been briefed by Kim’s PR team. Would you like to see the “Future Starts Now” music video?… it has just been unleashed online.

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Previously, when sharing the lyric video for the track. Kim had us snacking on baguettes, macarons and croissants and other delicious French bakery items. My waistline was simultaneously expanded by an inch just watching it. Does she build on the pâtisserie theme for the official music video? (if so, do I need to start buying clothes elasticated around the waist?)…

“I was very, into this amazing anime called Japan Sinks and, since I was so inspired by Europe when making my new music. I thought there’s no better way to do this music video than to have the Eiffel Tower sink. When I think of Europe, the first thing I think about is the Eiffel Tower. It’s a metaphor for life. It’s about not letting life sink you and to have fun and celebrate the world – whatever it becomes.” Kim says.

Thanks for clearing that up, Kim. My first thought when seeing this part of the stylish music video. Maybe I needed to run for cover. She was predicting a tsunami of baguettes was headed my way. Delicious with vegetable / plant based pate, though…

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